Saturday, December 01, 2007

Filipina Takes Action; Frannie Richards Up Against Fil-Am H&M Lawyer

h/t AAM

Remember Frannie Richards?

She's the women who is bringing up charges against H&M for discrimination a few month ago. After encountering an H&M associate with a slew of racist and sexist comments, Richards has taken action.

H&M has now recruited a Filipino lawyer Joseph J. Centeno, to represent their case. Centeno, a partner with Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel LLP in Philadelphia, is - GET THIS - Commissioner to the Philadelphia Human Relations Commission. He is friggin' in charge of enforcing anti-discrimination ordinances and HE'S THE ONE REPRESENTING H&M.

I'm trying not to drop f-bombs, but WHAT THE ---- IS THIS?

So the case of Filipina vs. H&M and Filipino lawyer is set.

I can officially say that this disgusts me to the bone.

Centeno - This is a slap in the face to Frannie Richards and to many Filipinos everywhere.

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  1. You're kidding, right? How is this even possible? I...I don't even know what the hell to say about this.


    When I lived in Chicago, my best friend was Filipino. Her family still lives there. I can't stop picturing her going through this and getting madder and madder. I hope that Richards gets justice, somehow, even though I'm very skeptical that it's even going to be possible. Still, I'm glad she's pursuing the case.


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