Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Call is Still Alive

Consider the call for absurd comments in the feminist blogosphere turned ON for, you know, ever.

Click here for the original call for threads, comments, and links.

There's too much out there not to take a good hearty laugh at the ridiculousness of it all.

People have been asking what the point of this project is and I keep dancing to my own beat, wiggling my rear end and saying, "You know what? You're right - what is the point of being creative for the sake of just having a good laugh while potentially looking deeper at something that rarely gets talked about. Yeah...what's the point?"

It's probably better to just sit on my futon and stare out the winter window with poptart crumbs on my chest.



    The commercial is obviously disgusting, but I'm sorry, being fat does NOT make you a minority or victim of discrimination. I'm not saying people don't discriminate against overweight people, but they also discriminate against blondes, bald guys, etc. - calling yourself a minority because you're fat is taking it too far. Unlike your racial status or sexual orientation, you actually CAN control your weight to a very large extent. Yes, genetics plays a part, but most people who are overweight eat too much or exercise too little...it's just a fact. Comparing being fat to being a racial minority demeans the meaning of what it is to be a minority.

    source: http://feministing.com/archives/008060.html#comments

    would i be allowed to use some quotes from the feminist community on livejournal as examples of fatphobia in feminism? there were some precious ones during 'lentilgate,' as i call it now.

  2. April2:00 PM

    Again, great job lady! I appreciate your candid expose of the -isms that exist within the feminist blogosphere.

  3. i think it's a great creative project, and i'm so curious to see more.

  4. Anonymous1:41 AM

    During the most recent incarnation of the FFF debate, I thought one of Hugo's comments was just, well:

    "I may be a white heterosexual married man, but I know a thing or two about teaching young women of color."

    (or something along those lines)


  5. For some reason, "male rights movement" folk frequent my blog. Here are a few examples of the wonderfully logical (::sarcasm::) crap they post:

    Male Rights Network said...
    Nothing new to see here on your feminist blog. Same ol same ol since 1960.

    Propagating the ludicruous idea that feminism has fostered romantic culture, rather than being the number one cause for its death. And the even more ludicrous claim that feminists "make better romantic partners"!

    The feminist hatred of religion - itself an expression of conservative morality - raises its head again. The failure to recognise that feminism has become a replacement morality, and that it is just as anti-male (if not worse) as religions were anti-female.

    The propagation of never-disputed such as the Wage Gap Liberal dropping of the term "male dominated" at a time when most University students and workers in the professions (in their 20s) are female by a very large gap. The misreprentation that feminism is a "taboo" political topic, when the feminist agenda is to be seen and heard in even the most shallow exposure to our newspapers, TV, movies and education courses.

    The victim remains, as does the sexist, faux-egalitarian and anti-men mentality.

    AND my absolute favorite:

    Male Rights Network said...
    "Same thing goes for the whole Obama isn’t “black enough” bull shit."

    It's not bullshit. Obama is not at all representative of the average American black man. There's no point applauding the "arrival of the American black male" when in truth, he is more fucked-over and intentionally neglected than ever before.

    Black men have suffered immensely from federal support for the Matriarchal family unit of a single-mother and no father. Just under 2 million black men are incarcereated, and black women hold degrees at a rate of 3 times that black men do.

    Obama is not black enough. He has not suffered. He is not even qualified to play the race card. Amidst all the enthusiasm for him individually, the situation of black men collectively should not be forgotten. And what's more Obama will do nothing to highlight this because he has not experienced it himself.

    Indeed his rhetorical support for using men as breeding stop and waling wallets (child support) means he will continue to support the anti-black man status quo.

    This one is my favorite becaues of their ridiculous notion about what "makes someone black enough."
    I responded with something like this: I do not believe you have to have "suffered" in order to show support for a cause or to raise awareness for a group of individuals. The male rights person was saying that Obama isn't black enough BECAUSE he hasn't suffered, not all black individuals come from the projects and to assert this is just ignorant. Also, what the hell is being "black enough"? Are you not "black enough" until you get shot? until you're incarcerated? until you're addicted to crack? COME ON, that is just so so so unbelievably racist i don't know where to go with it. A race isn't owned by how much an individual has suffered for his/her people. Obama doesn’t have to be black to raise awareness for "black issues" but the fact that he IS may or may not help his cause.

    Sorry this is so long.....

  6. On Tom's blog (Automatic Preference), quoting a new policy for addressing racism at MyDD:


    "The other day I mentioned that I had a nagging skepticism about Obama’s electability in the general election, were he to get the nomination, which deserves an explanation.

    First, let me just say that anyone who accuses skin color as some part behind the reasoning will find themselves banned–there is zero tolerance for accusations of racism."

    That's right, folks; any talk about race or racism is hereby banned from MyDD! Progressive my black ass.

  7. First, let me just say that anyone who accuses skin color as some part behind the reasoning will find themselves banned–there is zero tolerance for accusations of racism."




  8. You just gotta love when it's not racism that's banned, but ACCUSATIONS of racism.


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