Thursday, November 15, 2007

Well, I'm Beautiful Too

H/T to the ever Angry Asian Man

Boston Globe (three cheers for Boston) actually did an article featuring people of color bloggers, Blog is Beautiful. Hooray - among the noted was Angry Black Woman - and several other folks who I read and enjoy on a regular basis. I'm very proud to be in the POC blogosphere today. I'd like to think that my blog was not acknowledged because no one knows what in the hell "ecdysis" means. Oh, and that "y" in womyn? Scary.

It's always nice to hear that the kick ass work of so many bloggers of color is heard and appreciated. Boston Globe comments that these kinds of blogs and sites "have become places where people of color gather to refine ideas or form thoughts about race relations, racial inequities, and the role pop culture has in exacerbating stereotypes."

They are just now realizing that a lot of these blogs and writers are a zillion times more intriguing than those kangaroos in mainstream media and are doing much more complex analysis.

For their next topic, I think they're going to predict that iPods are great accessories for music buffs.


  1. Oh Sudy, everybody knows you're beautiful too! So I guess two out of three words in your blog name are scary, and the only other word is "a", but whatever, let em try to run from ya! ;-)

  2. Thanks Kai! MUAH!!


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