Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Raging About Deportation

My mother called me crying about this story. The Servanos are friends of my parents.

After 25 years of building their lives here in the United States, the Servanos are likely to be deported back to the Philippines. After an error in paperwork that led to a 17 year battle, the Servanos are left with little choices but to return "home" after they raised their four children in this country, two of which are still in grade school.

Now while most stories of immigration typically surround the Latin@ community, it's easy to forget that there are other populations affected by the letters from "homeland security."
After all, what's 25 years, 4 children, and roots compared to a piece of paper that indicated you were single and not married when you applied for a visa? These laws of immigration are so inhuman that I can't think right now. This family is going to be torn apart after nearly 3 decades of growing roots in the US soil. This country, a country of immigrants, a nation of "aliens" reserves the right to destroy any "illegals" because one question was inaccurate.

I'm so enraged, I can't blog straight. Read about it here.


  1. This is the worst kind of smallminded bureaucratic officiousness, and it's a bludgeon used on a family and a community.

    This is just awful. :(

  2. girl, this makes my heart sick.

    i send you and your family and your friends family so much love...

  3. serena1:43 PM

    Sudy, I'm so sorry. That's heartbreaking...

    much love

  4. This is a travesty, tragedy and a sign of the sad state of this country.

    My heart goes out to the entire family and community.

  5. sudy, i'm so sorry that our system is so beyond fucked up that this (tearing communities apart) is what results of it. my heart goes out to you and their family as well.


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