Friday, October 26, 2007

That's Racism for You, Sports Fans

Just last night I asked Adonis why in the hell don't sports teams retire their racist mascots like the RedSkins or the Indians, aka The Tribe led by Chief Wahoo.

We didn't come to a conclusion as to why teams still prioritize a mascot's tenure over a clearly racist and highly offensive picture and name.

But, hey, as long as hundreds of thousands of fans paint their faces red, pay a ridiculous amount of money to see men hit a sewn ball with a piece of wood, who cares that it further disrespects and offends a population that this country tried to wipe out after their land was stolen from them?

That's racism, folks. Clear and simple. Look past the pig skin and red sewn balls for second. Look at history for a change.

Thanks to Racialicious for this article.

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