Monday, October 15, 2007

ABC is Trying to Go Brown, Sorta

H/T to Angry Asian Man

So, apparently, ABC is trying to get more Flips on its network to try and make some positive strides after their huge-ass blow up on Desperate Housewives where they managed to insult the Filipino people, specifically the medical professional field, both here in the States and in the Homeland. They apologized.

I still say, ABC can suck my big toe.

But, they're trying.

Which is more than I can say for a lot of other folks who think an apology makes perfect amends.

As long as they don't follow the casting habits of The OC, a now-terminated prime soap. One episode I caught, a Pinay domestic worker was mistaken for a Latina and corrected one fo the main characters by saying, "I'm from the Philippines."

Seinfeld. The OC. Desperate Housewives.
Suck all my toes.

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  1. network TV's days are numbered anyway, i should say. although Maud only knows what it'll be replaced with once the Internets and related media finally merge with teevee as we know it.


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