Monday, October 08, 2007

30 Years to Life for a $0.52 DONUT

Ok, ok, I know this isn't usually the kind of news I cover. One man, who stole a friggin donut and punched a woman in the chest on his way out of the store, is possibly facing 30 years to life.

I'm not focusing on this idiot stealing a donut or the fact that he punched a woman in the chest.

I'm focusing on how the justice system chases criminals like this man, but largely ignores the cries and desperation of so many women who are beaten and trapped in domestically violent relationships. Forced to flee into hiding and fearing for their life, paper-strong restraining orders are all that keep violent men from killing their partners.

October, if you remember, is domestic violence awareness month. After we use our resources, legal system, and attorneys to put perps behind bars with 30 years, then maybe we should look more deeply at fools like this who steal donuts. But, until we have our marbles straight, I'm not putting too much faith in our legal system.

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