Sunday, October 21, 2007

2nd Edition of Asian American Women...

Thanks to BFP for the this:


Announcing the second edition of
Asian American Women: Issues, Concerns, and Responsive Human and Civil
Rights Advocacy

by NAPAWF Founding Sister, Lora Jo Foo
Published by iUniverse

Asian American Women: Issues, Concerns, and Responsive Human and Civil
Rights Advocacy reveals the struggles of Asian American women at the bottom
of the socio-economic ladder where hunger, illness, homelessness, sweatshop
labor and even involuntary servitude are everyday realities. The health and
lives of Asian American women of all socio-economic classes are endangered
due to prevalent, but inaccurate stereotypes which hide the appalling level
of human and civil rights violations against them. The book captures their
suffering and also the fighting spirit of Asian American women who have
waged social and economic justice campaigns and founded organizations to
right the wrongs against them.

We encourage you, fellow sisters, to meet with your chapters and discuss
your thoughts and ideas about the issues the book raises. Several of the
chapters of this second edition were updated by women activists and
advocates around the country. We encourage you to invite these courageous
women to your meetings so that they may share their experiences and help
facilitate active and productive discussion.

To thank you for your hard work and commitment to the movement, current paid
NAPAWF members may purchase the book at a discounted rate. Supplies are
limited so order your copy today! To place an order, please visit our
g%2FutviTF5Oj8> online store or email If
you aren’t a current paid member, sign up today so you can take advantage of
this special discount!
Paperback: $19.95 $15.00 NAPAWF Members Only!
Hardcover: $29.95 $25.00 NAPAWF Members Only!

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