Friday, August 31, 2007

Come out, bust out, unlurk yourself...

Lately I've been getting messages and words from lurkers and I'll say it now


I love knowing who ya'll are and that you enjoy my rips and edges here.

But seriously,

UNLURK yourself and post. Bring it on and up like Joan Kelly does and leave your


at the dooooor.

I don't know who and what other bloggers want, but I want ya'll to feel at home. I want to hear your thoughts, questions, and upfronts.

Now, don't leave your toe jam all over the place, this is, after all, my house. But I want my guests to be comfortable and horny happy with me.

So, relax. Unlurk and
Voice up.

1 comment:

  1. Joan Kelly10:26 PM

    And to any lurkers who feel like I often feel when reading Sudy - how to post a comment that simply conveys "wow, that is awesome, I am speechless, and I love you" without sounding like a tongue-tied dork? - my experience is that tongue-tied dorkiness is welcome. Or super kindly tolerated at the very least! I am excited for you, whoever you are, that you are getting to read this blog. You will be even more excited for you when you get to interact with the wonderfulness that is Sudy, directly.



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