Monday, July 16, 2007

Transition's Velocity

Tomorrow is my last day of work and I am unprepared for it. For as keen as I am to move on, that doesn't mean I want to leave it a mess for my successor.

While my travels and exhaustive job 'n moving process continue, art delivers much therapeautic relief lately. My new photoproject, "Transition's Velocity," will explore the driving forces of my emotional psyche these days.


  1. Sudy, just leaving a note of appreciation for your art. all blessings and praise as you make your transitions. kismet.4

  2. As someone who is also in transition, I very much like the art piece you posted. Thanks.

  3. Sudy, I'm just about a week away from a big move/job change too... so I am very excited about this photoproject (don't be surprised if I respond to it at some point over at my place). Good luck with your transition and all the good and exciting things to come!


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