Friday, June 29, 2007


I only took notes for the first 10 minutes of this session. I have much to write about these particular hours, which I will post in a separate piece.

Creating Conversations to Dismantle Racism and White Privilege in Our Women’s Centers and the
NWSA Women’s Centers Committee

Utilizing vignettes from The Way Home, taping of conversations about counsels of women; indigenous groups: AA, Euro, multi, asian, arab, latino, jewish

Importance of getting to our personal edges
Engaging looks different if you are a white woman or a woman of color
Hold the space that the experience is different
Even though it is time limited; it is imperative to continue the conversation, emphasizing the word “continuing”

How do we balance talking with “doing” with being an anti-racist women’s center community?

Ground rules/Ways that we want to be with one another
Do not get lost in critiquing the video or someone else’s experience

Just because you understand racism and sexism in one part, doesn’t mean you understand it in all parts

Own your privilege; how does it serve alliances

Resisting the desire to interrupt and bringing it back to yourself
Building on the stories on one other person’s stories
Acknowledge what has been said before you

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