Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Imploding or Exploding, not sure...

Job hunting is a full-time job and doing it out of state is even more gut wrenching.

The stress is building and I need to give myself permission to un-intensify my life, which may or may not affect my posts.

As I remain blood committed to exploring woc feminism, I may also be either taking breaks or posting my insanity about moving, jobbing, headaches, and plummeting professional esteem.

We'll see.

If you've got experience on staying sane throughout a job hunt, especially out of state hunts, pass on the wisdom.


  1. I've been languishing on the job market myself for 2 years. No wisdom to pass on, alas. I know how professionally low you must feel. I fight the feeling every day. For what it is worth - you are not alone.

  2. Thanks, Anna...

  3. i feel you. i have been job hunting for the past month like it was a full time job, and nothing. of course, i'm job hunting in ohio, which is a joke. other people have given me such helpful advice as "move." great! there is just nothing here! i have resigned myself to finding odd jobs and just mobilizing myself as an artist, looking for grants, residencies, etc. good luck to you! i feel your pain.


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