Saturday, June 23, 2007

AMC Quotes

My top five quotes of the conference thus far have been:

5. "We are going to explain this from the least expensive way possible. Now, who has a MAC laptop?" - Session 2, Workshop on Vlogging

4. "I am predatory and I don't tip well." - BFP

3. "Part of that I did just do for theater effect, but seriously, do you want anything while I am up?" - Blackamazon during lunch in the cafeteria, after dramatically pushing herself away from the table and walking away

2. "We're in the Midwest for this conference, so of course we are going to have a bowling party tonight." - Conference Announcer

1. "'In my former life, I was a woman of color.'" - Ubuntu, retelling a story

1 comment:

  1. Quote #5 takes the cake. Are they for real?


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