Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Stop REacting, and Just Start Acting

So you wanna do something. You wanna do something that helps this Movement. So many folks have been asking, "What can I do?"

Here's a start:

BFP has organized a list of bloggers who need funding assistance to attend. The more WOC bloggers that can attend this conference which will be full of meeting, connecting, and raising collective feminist and social justice hell.

Wherever you are, if you close your eyes, you'll be able to hear the noise coming from Detroit.

Get these womyn to the conference. They are needed. Please.

Click on these blogs and sites and look to the top left or right for the icon.

Fabulosa Mujer
Hermana Resist (donations can be made through her pay pal email: csdistro@gmail.com)
Please Professor Black Woman
Black Amazon
The Primary Contradiction

And, BFP is heading to the US Social Forum and, any and all donations are helpful.

Using my f(p)eminist prophetic skills, I will anticipate some questions you might be asking:

Why should I donate?
Well, my friend, conferences are more than just conferences. Particularly ones with a grassroots focus, conferences are the fertile soil to plant ideas, exchange contacts, and share resources with those who have similar visions of equality, voice and restlessness. Sharing your resources is a way to be active and transporting some really great minds to this event.

Why do these bloggers need financial assistance?
Welcome to the world of progressive writers, thinkers, and activists who must travel and make sacrifices. Several of these wonderful people are parents, caretakers, students, and give their time and energy to projects and jobs that don't pay a whole lot. As much as we remain committed to activism, the role of monied funding cannot and will never be ignored. We can do this. We ALL can do this.

How do I know that the money will go toward this conference and not something else?
It might just be me, but I tend to trust individuals who spend their free time (when not studying, working, taking care of others, and educating) writing and raising awareness about issues concerning womyn, our planet, and the future. Call it a womyn's intuition, I trust these people, whom I have yet to look in the eye, with more than just my money. I trust their words and agenda.

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