Friday, May 25, 2007

Spiritual Inclusion

And because I am a trampoline-bouncing advocate for standing up to binary camps and labels, this specific call in the Reproductive Rights debate struck a chord with me. Though it doesn't address the issue in the usual angle I like (WOC being in the thrust of the issue), I do resonate with the need for spiritual inclusion.

Via Incite Magazine: Faithfully Pro-Choice?
Why the Reproductive Justice Movement Needs to Give Pro-Choice Religious and Spiritual Voices a Seat at the Table

In a world of Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, it’s tempting for the progressive movement to write off religious people entirely. In this article, pro-choice activist and Christian minister Matthew Fox discusses the importance of including spiritual and religious voices in progressive movements in general, and in the movement for reproductive justice in particular.

By: Rev. Matthew Fox

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  1. As a liberal Catholic who struggles with the tension between my belief in the sanctity of life and my desire for women's liberation, I appreciated this article. Particularly the point the author made that historically the voice of faith has been behind PROGRESSIVE politics. How did the Right so easily co-opt religious folks? Narrow labels of identity are for canned goods. Not people.


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