Monday, April 09, 2007

Marie Stefanie Martinez

From The Anti-Essentialist Conundrum
A Filipina-American teenage girl was beaten on a bus for "looking Chinese," and the driver, after she reported it to him said to "go find a priest." Read the rage here.

Think this is a hate crime? Sign the online petition here. This goes to Mayor Michael Bloomberg, NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force Commanding Officer Inspector Michael Osgood, and MTA Bus President Tom Savage.

Sometimes I find myself in conversations when people comment, "That still happens? Like, in New York?"

And I silently ask where is there a place in which there is no violence due to people's intolerance for difference?



    On this week’s show, Fallout Central discusses:

    *The future of New York City’s Chinatown with John K. Leo, Director of Outreach and Community Relations for the Chinatown Partnership.

    *A recent racist skit (”Are You Smarter than an Asian?”) that aired on New York radio station Power 105.1 with Vicki Shu Smolin, President of the Organization of Chinese Americans - New York.

    *An update on the the bias attack of Marie Martinez from Jun Zuniga, dialing in from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

    *A protest against racist Chinese restaurant ads in Tucson, AZ with Victor Wong of the TCA dialing in from Tucson, Arizona.

    *Denny’s Incident: 10 Years Later with Jennifer Zhao, Education Chair of the Syracuse “Denny’s 10 Year Remembrance Committee,” dialing in from Syracuse, New York.

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  2. The text of a letter I received from MTA yesterday. Here's the question, if this is the case and MTA did "thoroughly investigate" the incident and "appropriate action will be taken" then why in response to requests for source documentation via MTA's Freedom of Information Law request form does MTA deny having ANY source documentation regarding the anti-Asian hate crime committed against Ms. Martinez?

    Specifically, here is the text of the email I received from MTA in response to the FOIL request.

    Re: FOIL request - Marie Stefanie Martinez
    Response (Gail Rogers) - 04/05/2007 08:56 AM
    Dear Mr. Zuniga:

    This is in response to your Freedom of Information Law request, wherein you requested various information relating to a bus assault, on the B82 bus, involving Marie Stefanie Martinez.

    A search for records relating to the incident described in your letter, based on the details, date, bus route and name, has been conducted. However, we have been unable to find any report, and/or records that respond to your request.

    It is possible that, in a crimianal investigation, the Transit Police and/or the NYC Police might have records responsive to your request. However, the transit police are part of the NYC Police Department and, therefore, you will have to make your request directly to the NYC Police Department for its report.

    Accordingly, we consider this request to be closed.


    Gail Rogers
    Deputy Foil Officer


    April 23, 2007

    Re: Complaint – B82 Bus Operator

    This is in response to the above-captioned complaint that you filed with the Office of the MTA Inspector General concerning a March 16 New York Post article reporting the assault of a 17-year old high school student. The New York Post article reported that the bus operator witnessed the assault but failed to take appropriate action.

    NYC Transit does not tolerate the type of behavior described in the article. I want to assure you that this incident was thoroughly investigated and appropriate action will be taken.

    Thank you for taking the time to inquire about this incident.


    Millard L. Seay
    Senior Vice President
    Department of Buses

    Cc: H.H. Roberts, Jr (041601)
    B.L. Kluger (21862)
    M.J. Fucilli
    M.S. Neadel

    Here's what I'm asking folks to do to assist with follow up on this anti-Asian hate crime, no one is going to do it for us, we're going to have to do it ourselves.

    1) File an online complaint with the State of New York - Office of the Inspector General -MTA. Tell them you are concerned about how the discipline and investigation of the anti-Asian hate crime committed against Marie Stefanie Martinez is being handled. Request a response.

    2) Submit a FOIL request to both MTA Headquarters and to the MTA police. Specifiy you are seeking any source documentation regarding the MTA's investigation of the anti-Asian hate crime incident involving Marie Stefanie Martinez and any notation of any discipline meted out to the bus operator.


    Today is the first day of Asian American Heritage month, helping ensure accountability for all Asian Americans and striking a blow for justice would be a great way to celebrate and show solidarity for Asian America!


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