Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Loving Blogosphere

To blog, one must have thick skin. Or so I've heard. After all, a blogger must put herself out there for the world to read or see. This can be especially difficult if you reveal your true identity. A blogger is open to all the benefits and consequences of real life, translated into online communication. You take the good with the not-so-good.

The Good
Well, I've been on the blogosphere since July of 2006. I'm a little shy of a year and it, truly, has changed my life. I mean, "changed my life" in a sense that my life is deeper. I understand information, am able to interpret opinion and fact much more quickly and efficiently than I have in the past. Most importantly, I have access to other writers (HOORAY FOR FEMINIST WRITERS OF COLOR) in the world who are utilizing their pocket of the internet to fill it with perspective, insight, and creativity.

The Bad
There's a lot of trash out there.

One of my Sheros, BFP, put up this picture from this link.

In Hebrew: ‘I have sex with Palestinian women.’

And then she got this message:
Palestinean Torreist | | IP:
remove fucker mother
Apr 25, 4:53 PM — [ Edit | Delete | Unapprove | Approve | Spam | View Post ]
Palestinean Torreist | | IP:
Fuck you all
this not a palestinain women this is a fcker jewish in palestinain clothes cuz our relgion push us to the a good things
remove this picture or i will send a pump for all of you fucker mother

To which, my Shero replies:

I do believe these are what’s called THREATS.

And in light of the fact that I do not support THREATS of any kind, I have decided to not “remove this picture”. I have chosen to embrace my “fucker mother” label and even reciprocate with a friendly fuck you. Oh, and how about a kiss my fat Mexican ass just to make things interesting. And may the day come when you, PT, rot in hell.

your friendly fat assed mexican,

I believe in the bravery of solidarity and not in the shrinking cowardice in the form of threats, be it verbal, facial, physical, or written; with or without serious intent and plan.

One should know better than to try and intimidate those who spend their lives fighting threats, oppression, and empty anger - anger that does nothing but attempt to suppress others, anger that feeds on fear, anger that follows footsteps and trails of strength.

In solidarity with the women in this picture, in solidarity with BFP and all bloggers who take SHIT on a daily basis for attempting to fill their internet pockets with Hope, in solidarity with all women who live in terror of violence, harassment, stalking and fear.

I say to all those who spread violence and fear, no matter how big or small:
You can kiss my Filipino ass as well.

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