Thursday, March 15, 2007

If Screens Could Shout

In the dark twiddling of writer's self-doubt and just as I started a bashful journey to begin saying, YES, I am a WRITER, I receive the most joyous affirmation from G*d.

One year ago, I jumped at the chance to review a manuscript. A laborious effort, but I hung in there, believing in good karma.

Twenty moons later, today, I open an envelope and find a lovely card from the author and a sneak preview of the cover. The cover is stunning, but what caught my eye was my name on the jackflap, with my words in italics.

My name, YES, my name was spelled correctly and from all the reviews, mine was listed first. I rejoiced in a way that was similar to when Adonis first reached for my hand seven years ago during a city park walk. A feeling so euphoric, I nearly covered my face in disbelief.

My name, written correctly, reviewed a published book, for the world to see.

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