Monday, February 26, 2007

This Keeps Getting Better

So it's been 7 weeks since I put in an application at Rutgers.

I decide to call.

"Women and Gender Studies Department, this is Angela. How may I help you?"

Hi (insert name, identifying program information with hopeful strain in voice), I was wondering if there is a foreseeable timeline for admissions because I was advised to call after 6 weeks?

What's your name?

I spell out my name even though I'm sure she just wanted it said plain and regular.

"Oh, ok. Those letters have gone out today."

Thank you.

I spent 15 minutes analyzing the liklihood that she thought, "OH, I'm going to let her enjoy the news from her mailbox so her acceptance letter will just be a lovely surprise."

Then I spent another 5 minutes refuting those thoughts because I think they'd email or call with happy news.

Maybe they're old fashioned and don't use email to send acceptance invitatations.
CLUNK They have phones.

Maybe I should've sent in a tighter research proposal.
CLUNK I was honest. I want to study bicultural women of color and the impact of religiosity.

Maybe I don't really want grad school.
CLUNK If you had doubts, it probably came through on your app.

Maybe I'm misreading her, "Oh, ok, 'those' letters went out today," phrase.
CLUNK I rarely misread, if ever.

RUT-gers, I think, is a no.

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