Friday, February 16, 2007

Planning Our Funerals

After watching Grey's Anatomy and the cliffhanging preview that described next week as, "...the devastating conclusion" to the three part series, Adonis and I began to talk about the Meredith/Derek love story and wondered how we might act should a smiliar tragedy happen where I am applying a tourniquet to a dying man on a pier and accidentally fall into the icy ocean water.

"I think you'd freak if I died. But you'd freak in your own way."

"Yes. My freaking is the same as dead calm."

"Don't I know it."

"And I'd need to focus on something to get me through it."

"Yeah, you'd be in shock. I mean, I died. Me."

"I think I'd play pool."


"You'd what?"

"I think I'd play pool."

"I just died. You'd play POOL?"

"Yes, I'd need something to do. I'd need to do something except sit and think."

"Uh, okay. Some people drink, or I don't know, CRY out their grief. But you'd knock some balls around if I keeled over. Nice."

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