Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A Little Exercise

This is a little activity I've whipped up, with help from Adonis, that I will be doing with my class this afternoon. Try it. It makes you think.

What is the race of:

1) Your favorite gradeschool teacher

2) Your favorite action figure, doll, or toy as a child

3) Your best friend from childhood

4) Your favorite neighborhood family

5) The lead character in your favorite television show growing up

6) The principal from your gradeschool

7) The minister, pastor, or priest in religious services you attending when you were growing up

8) a person you had a crush on in junior high

9) a mentor or a person of influence in your personal life

10) your best friend in high school

11) the first person you kissed

12) your favorite coach in high school

13) the person you went to prom with, a homecoming dance, or a significant date

14) your image of God, or a spiritual being if you imagined God to have a face

15) College roommate

16) Closest friend you’ve met in college

17) Favorite author

18) Favorite artist

19) The lead character of your favorite television show

20) Your favorite professor (other than myself)

21) Your landlord if you rent or who owned your property prior to your buying it

22) The person whom you imagine you want to marry or live with or be in an intimate relationship with

23) Your boss at work

24) The person you imagine you would speak with in a job interview

25) Favorite musician

26) Favorite comedian

27) The face on the cover of the last magazine you saw

28) The person who cuts your hair

29) Your favorite historical figure before 1900

30) A police officer you have encountered in a speeding ticket or doing rounds around campus

31) The race of who you would like to see president in 2008

32) The person who said your favorite quote – movie, inspirational, television

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