Friday, December 29, 2006


We're in mid-holiday. Christmas has passed, but the new year is still to come.

I love the end of the year. I love the TV reviews that give the best and worst from 2006 and all the hype that inevitably proves anti-climactic come 12/31 at 11:59am. My heart always skips a beat, I thank God for everything and I hope to high heavens the new year will be even better.

It always is.

Every year since I was 8, I write my own personal review of the year. That will likely be coming in a few days. Since my last post, I have spent roughly 13 hours in the car traveling around Ohio for family. I have gained about six holidays pounds and plan on ordering my favorite pizza in about 8 hours to celebrate my new nephew's birth. Life is grand.

My applications are justaboutdone.

I've missed writing, working out, healthy salads, my apartment, and watching my own beat-up/no cable television. In other words, my life. But that's what the holidays are about - family and big asses.

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  1. Hey, remember that time I told the doorman to stop collecting the cover for your NYE party and then I spent the whole night trying to stop Big Steph from cheating on Books and failed? She and I drank wine from caf glasses at midnight...good times.


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