Thursday, December 14, 2006

#100: Communists Have Invaded the Summer House

Apparently, this is a household phrase to discuss women in their time of menstruation. Am I on exile island? How have I not heard of this?

This has absolutely no relation to anything, but HEY it's my 100th entry as a blogger, and I can do anything I want, especially with my camera, Baby.
Baby is performing quite well to say the least. She is sharp to boot and loves precision. The color is out of this world. Proof is coming. I'll post soon.

Some updates and stories from the front lines of my personal life:

  • my sister in law who is so pregnant I wonder if a garden of watermelons are springing inside of her, is 3cm dilated and 50% effaced. That means, as my sister would say, "Keep your cell on, she's gonna blow any second."
  • my doctoral applications are still so close but so far away from being done. With Baby in the apartment, it's hard to concentrate. With a REAL baby on the way, it's hard to concentrate.
  • Adonis is being super shady and secretive about Christmas presents. That makes me really horny. Another distraction.
  • Yesterday, Jeremiah, a personal trainer at my gym is consistently asking me to sign up for more strength training sessions. What a snow job he gives me. "Yo, wasssupp, girrrrrrl. Check this out, you gotta, like, know that only 2 sessions a month aren't gonna get you anywhere. Let's just get your name on this line and we'll get you some serious results. I know you want this." Remember, I have said NO 2 times already. So, this qualifies under the "Non-Sexual Assault-like Behavior Where One Won't Take No For An Answer" category. (I seriously do have a personality for dealing with these kinds of people and that is the actual label for that file.) I am proud of myself for what I did. I leaned across the counter and took in his tanned skin, moussed spike hair and said pointedly, "I feel the need to be honest with you. I think you're really nice, but my answer is no. Like, forever. I don't want this. So, can you please stop asking me about this because I've said this to you before and you keep asking. My answer now and forever will be NO." His eavesdropping buddy guffawed. I smiled.


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