Tuesday, October 03, 2006

To Do List

1. Monday: Tell Mom that I don't agree with her - at all.
2. Tuesday: Be as supportive as possible to R.J. despite her annoying misuse of the English language.
3. Wednesday: Buy more cheap toilet paper.
4. Thursday: Think of a non-political, non-gender objectifying Halloween costume.
5. Friday: Try not to blow up a building when I am met with resistance at yet another work meeting regarding sexual assault policy.
6. Saturday: Get a wedding gift for the Sheps.
7. Sunday: Live my life. My way.
You know what's crazy? We do a thousand things everyday and yet we make lists that are really just a compilation of the least desirous things we need to accomplish. We never write TO DO: go out to eat with fab roomie or Treat myself to extra sexy thoughts about ****. Let me redo a list; and make it one that reflects what I WANT from my life. What I ache for, need, and truly HAVE to do...
1. See Superman Returns at the cheapies and order a buttload of buttered movie popcorn.
2. Eat that expensive organic mango that will rot in 2 days.
3. Make out in the kitchen with Adonis.
4. Complete a full session of yoga, no skippies.
5. Treat myself to a gorgeous haircut before I change my mind.
6. Spend more time writing by hand.
7. Dance.
8. Visit my bro in LA and my loves in NYC.
9. Memorize the lyrics to You Belong to Me.
10. Begin the book I've been putting off: Filipino Americans: Transformation and Identity

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