Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Show Your Face

So, upon arriving here, you may notice that my blogger address has changed.

It's not that I am afraid, or receding. I'm just very aware of identity, claiming words as your own, the power of name, association. To continue to write clearly, sufficiently, and maintain the rage - I decided to forego my entire name in a blog address.

Remember, I do work with undergrads who, for varying purposes, would love to know more about my personal view sans professional attire, daily struggles, and other germane human characteristics. Also, the population I deal with is a frustratingly homogenous millenial generation with G*d complexes and listless hands. My thoughts, while I do not mind being circulated on the internet, cannot have such blatant arrows pointing to where little idiots can find and then terrorize me.

Most importantly, I don't write for them or out of fear of them OR out of fear of being identified. I write from openness and with a hopeful attitude that those who do find me, seek me, accident me, or read me, know all they need to know without needing my (whole) name.
Rock on.

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