Thursday, October 26, 2006

Knowing Who You Are, and then Saying It

You know what completely inspires me?

I love when people can succintly say what their passion, job, and reason for living is all one breath. Like: "HI. I"m a black activist and use my photography to explore sexual and queer politics."

Now me.

"HI. I'm a multicultured person and use my heroinandspeed-like thoughts to conquer the world and simultaneously try to make it better, one blog at a time."



"Hello there. I'm a Spanish Filipina devoted to any sort of expression that enables me to feel a part of the world, connected to beauty and intimacy, and love to use my brain for complicated thoughts."


"Hola! I'm a person who changes with each morning, but am committed to exploring love, art, writing, and spiritual fulfillment through everything deemed ordinary."



"Hey, I wish I could tell you all that I am, but can only promise I am much more and better than you can even or ever imagine. I am that rare."

There it is....

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