Thursday, September 21, 2006

Be a Good Girl

Do you ever wonder why Google is a billion dollar dream come true? Now, I say this with no malice - I love Google and all the innovative, wonderous ways it brings info to your fingertips. But, for every search you do on google, the clicked-on site gives .02 cents to Google. That's a lot of money once you add up the searches, hence the billion dollars.
But, there is a new search engine called GOOD SEARCH that keeps one penny and donates a penny to either the charity of the day or the charity of your choice. It's awesome! And my class at Women Writing for a Change is one of the charities because they are a non-profit organization. So be good and use GOOD SEARCH.

In other news, it sounds like our nation, according to today's New York Times, is becoming increasingly doubtful of the incumbent Congress and our Fearless Leader, George W. I'm glad it only took six years for the nation to see that a hurried excuse for war, isolationism, and shitty education policies that are proven to NOT WORK are only leading us into further division as a nation and further into contempt by our neighbors.

Maybe we should use Good Search and type in: "A new president who understands the needs of educators better than the need for bombs; an individual who works for the benefit of those who cannot afford healthcare; a leader who is humble enough to admit mistakes and address a nation with strategy and hope instead of drilling "stay the course" speeches and one who confronts complicated problems with open ears instead of arms full of weapons." I don't think Good Search will find a link.

Come, Obama, McCain, Hillary in '08. Anyone. I'm ready for change.

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