Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Adonis Gone

He's left me.

To help youngsters retreat from the modern world and assist their adolescent pursuit for spirituality. Twice an academic semester, Adonis leaves me. Sometimes I roll around happy for all the extra space in bed, others I collapse on the living room carpet wondering why I must be partnered with such a Soul. He leaves for four days and returns to me tired, with red cracked eyes and weary shoulders and a scruffy unshaven face.

I leave love notes in his wallet where he'll find them the next day. My latest poem was this:

I love you.
Not the way everyone says and
not the way everyone thinks.
I love you
in the way most people dream about,
the way G*d intended. -lf-b

My Adonis, for whom Aphrodite and Persephone fought, hurry home to me.

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