Sunday, July 09, 2006

A Thousand Thoughts

On my way to work, I pass a landfill. It's called Rumpke (pronounced, RUMP-KEE).

I call it Rumpke Dumpke Field. During Christmas season, it displays a huge SEASON'S GREETINGS at the top of the heap. During football season, WHO-DEY adorns the zenith of the trashpit.

It is absolutely, positively the worst thing to see on daily basis...that and the sign off of 27N that reads, "FOR SALE: PET GOAT."

I figured, with my eleven month contract and having worked at my job for two years, I have passed the landfill and the Pet Goat sign approximately 968 times.

Almost a thousand times I have whizzed by and wondered what in the hell I have done to contribute to this monstrosity. Averaging 4.5 lbs of waste each day, the common American can do much more to slow the fill of our landfills. For the love of all things holy! People- reuse your jars, bring your own canvas bag to the grocery store, stop bying useless gadgets that get thrown out, and recycle.

Imagine with me for just one moment: a clean world with fresh air and where no pet goats are left behind.

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