Friday, July 14, 2006


I love photography. I always have - there is something so direct, addicting, and challenging to photography.

It's something about looking through a tunnel and choosing what you see as truth. You see truth, you press a button, and it's preserved forever.

All the pictures on this blog are my own. Why would I post someone else's perspective on my own blog? You will see My truth, what I see as important to the world, what I see as fundamentals of myself.

Let the Fun Out. Live without Dead Time.
I took this pictures in New York City where I frequently visit family and friends.

Can you actually do those two things? I believe I can. Each day, I wake up and not before long, my Adonis will contort his face into an unfathomable shape and squeal or whisper or yell, "Good morning, my love!" Today, we went to get milkshakes to escape the thick summer humidity and sang Roxette songs together, complete with acting out lyrics ("She's got the look/What on earth can make a brown eyed girl turn blue/when everything I do I do for you/and she goes na na na na/She's got the look") while we're stuck on traffic on 71N. Let the Fun Out. We then go to Applebees and make slight fun of the host who says, "Our drink specials today are, err, Sobe. You know, Sobe? [we nod like puppets] Uh,'s Sobe... and we put alcohol in it." Sweet, guy. Thanks for that. Very informative.

Is it rollercoaster, bungee jumping, boldly fun? No. Would I want to be anywhere else or doing anything else than singing off-note to my Adonis? No. Fun is doing, being in the place you want most in life and suddenly realizing you don't want to move an inch.

Live Without Dead Time.

What in the hell does that mean? I suppose that it is suggesting to get off one's ass and utter the proverbial Carpe Diem yelp of life.

There is, for me, no such thing as Dead Time. The world - life- is far too funny and mysterious to spend in Dead Time. With a camera, I get to preserve glimpses of it, too.

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