Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Top Five Ways that White Feminists Continue to Discredit Women of Color

More food for you. More voices. More insight.

There is a guest post by Aaminah Hernandez over at Problem Chylde entitled The Top Five Ways that White Feminists Continue to Discredit Women of Color.

Here are bullets to whet your appetite...

1) Say we are too “involved” or biased in regards to the subject, and claim
that you are more “objective”.

2) Say we are ignorant of the subject,
even though the subject is our own life, history, culture or religion, because
we have dared to speak to our own story and question the way outsiders have
portrayed it. This includes questioning our academic background (or lack of),
our writing style/ability, and whether or not we cite “accepted” texts to prove
our points.

3) Speak condescendingly towards us. Tell us we are too young or too old,
naïve or bitter, and that we are angry or emotional, etc.

4) Pull out
your “credentials” to show that you have more support and legitimacy than we

5) Say we are hurting the cause of feminism, or that we aren’t really
feminist at all.

Don't comment here. GO THERE AND READ HER WORK!

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